2022 Budget Drama: Diplomatic Skills On The Radar - Prof. Joseph Osafo

The debate on the 2022 budget is ongoing as the Minority and Majority in Parliament decide whether or not it will be approved and implemented.

On Friday, November 26, there was drama in the House of Parliament with the Minority and Majority displaying conflicting positions on the budget, resuling in the Majority walking out of the House and leaving the Minority to reject the budget after voting a big 'No'.

However, the Majority insists the budget hasn't been rejected because the standing orders of Parliament render it unconstitutional for just the Minority to vote on the budget.

Touching on the Parliamentary drama, the Head of Psychology at the University of Ghana, Professor Joseph Osafo has called for calm to prevail between both sides.

According to him, they should give room for consensus-building as the budget concerns Ghanaians.

He noted that the Minority's criticisms should not be pushed aside because they serve as a check on government policies ensuring the best is delivered for Ghanaians.

Addressing the issue during Peace FM's ''Kokrokoo'', he briefly advised the Parliamentarians to coexist stressing ''government must find a way of building consensus with the Minority. If we are going to go forward, at the least the government has three (3) years ahead, then consensus building is key''.

He added; ''This budget gives us a picture that you can not just bring something up for the other side to just accept like that. They are going to be very critical. They are going to ask you to just work on certain things. If you are not able to do it that way, your diplomatic skills are called to question.''