2022 Budget Rejection: We'll Use All Legal Means To Challenge Speaker - NPP MP

Afigya Kwabre North Member of Parliament (MP), Collins Adomako-Mensah says the Majority in Parliament will exhaust every legal means to overturn the voting on the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy.

According to him, the Speaker of Parliament's allowance for the Minority to vote to reject the budget during Friday's proceedings is unconstitutional.

Contributing to Peace FM's morning show ''Kokrokoo'', Hon. Collins Adomako-Mensah stated that Article 104 makes it clear that there can only be a voting in Parliament when there is a majority of the members or half of them present which means the Minority alone couldn't make a decision on the matter.

Reading Article 104 of the Parliamentary standing orders which says ''matters in Parliament shall be determined by votes of the majority of members present and voting with at least half of all Members of Parliament present'', Hon. Adomako-Mensah said ''we vehemently disagree with the Speaker on that. Tomorrow, there will be a heated debate because I can put it on record that, as a majority, we do not subscribe to what happened on Friday and we are going to use all legal means, both based on the constitution and our standing orders, to challenge what happened on Friday''.

He also deflated the argument that the Majority didn't have a complete number on Friday saying ''whether we had our numbers or not, it's none of their business. That should not be their concern. The concern is that as the Speaker, who is the final arbiter and control us, you have to be seen to in sync with the law. That is our point. So, whether our numbers were complete or not, that is not his issue. The point is that go strictly by the law''.