Rihanna Preggers - See Who The Baby Papa Is

Who said a boy cannot have big dreams even when they are 100 percent sure that it would never enter the realms of reality.

CEO of Mavin Records Don Jazzy is dreaming and it is on a large scale.

It looks like Don Jazzy has finally succeeded in getting the woman of his dreams who is none other than Barbados singer Rihanna.

And oh, she has even warmed his bed and gotten herself pregnant.

For those of us who have been keeping tabs on Jazzy, we are the least surprised.

He has always been vocal about how he fancies Rihanna, so much so that he did not mind photoshopping because that has proved to be the closest he can get to the love of his life.

There is no way in this life and beyond that what we are seeing above is real.

It is just for the fun— if you had a bad day, we hope this can curve a smile on your face, and may your dream be as huge as Don Jazzy’s.




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