My Stand Against Bad Leadership Hasn’t Changed – Falz

Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana popularly called Falz, is best known for his critical songs that address bad leadership and societal ills. 

 However, his latest EP titled, “Before the Feast” which he released last week is a total departure from the norm. Falz decided to take a different route this time following his transformative musical journey.

 In a chat with Saturday Vanguard, the son of renowned human rights activist, Femi Falana SAN, said, “I didn’t want to soak my fans in that emotion now. But it doesn’t mean that I have changed from who I am.”

Recall that Falz was involved in the #EndSARS protest against police brutality in October 2020. He also released songs such as ‘Wehdone Sir’, ‘Child of the World’, ‘Talk’, ‘Mr Yakubu’ among others. His new project marks another milestone in Falz’s illustrious career, showcasing his growth as an artist and his commitment to delivering impactful music.

As he explained, “Before The Feast” is a prequel to an album titled “The Feast.” The EP sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting and transformative journey in Falz’s musical evolution. Falz, known for his unique blend of witty lyrics, social commentary, and diverse musical styles, continues to push boundaries with ‘Before The Feast, featuring big names, including Crayon, Shaybo, Phyno, Adekunle Gold, Flavour, and Odumodublvck.


You just dropped a new EP titled “Before the Feast”. What’s the story behind the title?

‘Before the Feast’, is a prequel to an album titled ‘The Feast’. This is like the first step in a long journey. The album will drop in the coming months. The EP is what I call a palate cleanser. When you go to a restaurant, they will first of all give you a palate cleanser to enable you to take in whatever they are about to serve you. That’s what I’m trying to do with this project. You cannot deny the fact that we need a breadth of fresh air musically. What I am trying to do with “Before the Feast” is to come in a way that is energetic and at the same time reflective of where I am going. I am going to a place sonic-wise, where you will listen to a good sound. I want to soak my fans in those emotions. So, “Before the Feast” is a blend of vibes, lively music, up tempo, rock and sexy songs.

The unique thing about this EP is that so much work has gone into it in a short while. The total duration of this EP is not up to 30 minutes. It contains so many vibes. It’s also a mixture of emotions. Another thing is that this is the only project I have done that I can boldly say there’s no iota of attack or commentary as regards the happenings in the country. This is deliberate because of the theme and the direction of the journey. It would have been out of place. That’s definitely what differentiates this EP from my previous albums.

How will you describe your musical journey in the past 10 years?

It’s been very exciting and exhilarating. I feel that it’s been very fast. I didn’t realize it until I woke up this year. It’s been very eventful and fulfilling. A lot has happened in the past 10 years of my career. I will say that I am very satisfied with where I am today, but I am still hungry for more.

Are you also a trained lawyer?

I was actually called to the bar in 2012. And for about two years after, I was into full-time practice as I was going to court.

How come music took the shine off your legal practice?

Music took over at a point when I started getting this level of acclamation. I felt people would be distracting me if I kept going to court. Also, I knew that music is my passion, and my calling.

Will you one day go back to the courtroom?

I don’t want to rule out returning to the courtroom. But I don’t know when it will happen.

You have always been vocal when it comes to defending the rights of the common man through your music. What’s happening now that you haven’t added your voice in the face of prevailing economic hardship in the country?

My stand is not because I want to be cankerous or bearer of complaints. At the end of the day, it is for the good of the people. If the people are maltreated or they are not getting what they should be getting from their leaders, those are the moments I speak out. That would never stop. Activism will always be a part of me. But musically, I don’t want to have that emotion in my current EP.  Outside the music, nothing changes. I am still who I am.

What’s your take on the present economic situation in the country?

It’s tough. I think everyone is feeling the hardship. But I wouldn’t say that I expected anything different, especially in the way they got into power. Everything unfolded before our eyes. And so, I am not surprised by everything that is happening in the country today. We are kind of hoping that we would be surprised that things will go well again. I guess, they didn’t surprise us.