There's Nothing Wrong With Having Sex With A Woman In Her Menses - Counsellor Lutterodt

Counsellor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has given men the green light to have sex with women in their menstruation cycle.

According to the vociferous counsellor, there is nothing wrong with having sex with a woman in her menses.

"Scientifically, there are people that they ovulate during menstruation," he said this during UTV's "United Showbiz" on Saturday and asked "if you are married to a woman who bleeds and ovulates, will you deny her of getting pregnant?"

He vehemently maintained that "there is nothing wrong in having sex with anybody who is bleeding" and that the "only discomfort is because you will soil the bed".

To him, men abstain from having sexual intercourse with women having their period due to "fear and panic" but encouraged them to "have that confidence, the courage to do it".

He stressed; "There are too much benefits and there's too much pleasure, too much excitement."