David Boahen Deuces: Inna Real Life Founder Gifts Blind Mom Of 3 Food Items And GH¢6,000

Inna Real Life founder David Boahen Deuces donated foodstuffs and GH¢6,000 ($555.51) to a sight-impaired mother of three after her situation came to his attention.

The CEO of the social media brand shared photographs from the presentation to his popular Facebook group.

He delivered five heartfelt frames. Blind mom abandoned by her husband Boahen Deuces disclosed that the deprived woman and her kids were abandoned by her spouse. 

''Today, I went to put smiles on the face of a blind woman with three children; her husband has run away, leaving them to suffer for years; I gave the woman GH¢6000 and donated enough foodstuffs, drinks and water for the family. ''God bless every Inna Real Life family member who supported this.

They cried, and I also cried before I left there because the woman wanted to end it all, but Glory is to God; her story has changed,'' he posted on Facebook.

Deuces to finance the education of blind mom's eldest daughter In an interview, Deuces said he's opted to finance the education of the woman's eldest daughter. ''They live in deplorable circumstances. She cannot afford to feed and educate her children.

I've decided to look after her eldest kid. One of my members used to assist them, but she moved to Dubai. 

''She described the visually impaired woman and her children to me. I took steps to assist the problem because their living conditions are deplorable,'' he said. 

After he shared pictures from the presentation, netizens praised the kind gesture of Deuces.

See the images below: