Joyce Blessing Clashes With Ex-publicist Over The Singer's 'Curses'

Gospel singer Joyce Blessing's ex-publicist, Julie Jay has refuted claims by the singer that she is sabotaging her music career.

Joyce Blessing, days ago, invoked curses on Julie Jay who she alleges has been tampering with her social media handles.

The ''Unbreakable'' songstress has been battling for the right to operate her social media handles, which were "seized" by her estranged husband cum former Manager, Dave Joy following their marital rift.

Following a closed-door meeting with high-profile personalities in the country, Joyce Blessing's husband pledged to give the log-in passwords to all social media platforms back to the artiste, but it appears the issue hasn't been completely resolved.

Joyce Blessing and Julie Jay clashed on Peace FM's ''Entertainment Review'' to set the records straight.

According to the singer, she has been granted access to her YouTube and personal Facebook accounts but not her Instagram account and business Facebook account.

She also complained bitterly about how her former publicist is treating her.

Joyce Blessing claims Julie Jay, who used to handle all her log-in data, has been reporting her content to YouTube owners which has resulted in her content being flagged and subsequent notifications that her account will be deleted should she post anything related to her music.

She further disclosed the Julie Jay also posted some nude pictures on her Facebook to tarnish her image and brand coupled with other inhumane treatments her ex-publicist has been subjecting her (Joyce Blessing) to.

“Julie is someone I worked with and her monthly pay was dealt with by my husband. All the payments were in the hands of my husband, so she deals with him because I wasn’t in charge of the finances. They had such a close relationship between them that at a point, I become a third person. So, I decided to stay off. But I made sure Julie is okay. In fact, I made sure her rent doesn’t become a burden to her because I allowed her to live with me. I made sure she won’t pay any bills . . . I made sure she was fed three times a day; in the morning, afternoon and evening. I treated her like my biological sister; so everybody thought she was my sister . . . That was how the relationship was between us . . . Sometimes, I give her money out of my free will.

“ . . the viral video of the custody fracas was shot courtesy of my husband’s younger sister . . . she forwarded it to Julie. God is my witness. And she (Julie) used a different account to upload that content . . . What hurt me most was during the days when I went searching for my children and moving to and fro, Julie would often call but little did I know that Julie was behind the plot to hide my children at a certain church . . . When I finally found my children and asked them who hid them, Julie’s name was the first they mentioned . . . So, all the time I was crying for my children, Julie had helped some people to take them to a secret place.''

Joyce Blessing, speaking to host Ola Michael, justified her curses on Julie Jay saying she has done everything humanly possible to move on but Julie Jay is frustrating her life. 

She therefore has no regrets cursing her.

“I’ve tried to make Ghanaians understand what’s going on but I think this is my last time talking about this issue…Ghanaians must hear everything that happens in my camp because Julie is a blogger and she is with my husband. All is well; my soul is okay with whatever happens. I leave everything to God’’, she exclaimed.

Don't Blame Me, Deal With Your Husband

On the part of Julie Jay, she denied knowledge of all the accusations on her by Joyce Blessing.

To her, she handed over Joyce Blessing's social media accounts to her and her alienated husband.

Julie Jay however admitted she on one occasion reported Joyce Blessing for posting some content that she (Julie Jay) equally owned to YouTube management to strike the content.

Aside this one thing she did, she has never reported Joyce Blessing nor done anything to sabotage her.

“Last week, she went live on her Facebook account and I saw she had gone live on her old YouTube account. So, it baffles my mind that account which your husband or ex-manager has handed over to you, and you have even changed the passwords, I will still have access to those accounts…I created my personal e-mail for her…But the reason I changed the password was because when we stopped working, she was sending me threats. So, I changed the password for her to go and create her own e-mail," she stated.

Julie Jay is said to have paid Ghc 10,000 as compensation before she agreed to deliver the handles to Joyce Blessing but, according to the singer, Julie has still been logging into her accounts and shutting down her contents.

But Julie has asked the "Boot 4 Boot" singer to deal with her husband if indeed she has complications with accessing her handles.

“After we settle the issue, even after that, I was trying to make peace with her . . . So, I thought from there we had resolved the issue. That was the reason why, afterwards, I called to check up on her. After that, before God, I haven’t reported her accounts. She rather reported to strike my content on YouTube . . . I’ve always told her that she should direct everything to her husband. I have no problem with her. She has accused me of many things but I take her as my elder sister.’’