New Kidney, New Life: Abigail Ashley's 13 Years Journey To Recovery

Thirteen years ago, UTV’s Abigail Ashley did not have any hope; she had been diagnosed with stage 4 Chronic Kidney disease and was given five years to live.

But she was fortunate enough to get support and by Divine mercy, has lived and is still living beyond the five years she was given, although she was always afraid of falling asleep because she thought she would die. All that has changed, and now Abigail can look forward to a long life.

“I have always had hope in God but I didn’t know He would come down so soon. I recall how my life was shattered when I was given five years to live but miraculously, I have lived past that and I didn’t know what was going to happen next but today, I tell you that He has made a way.

“With the help of my godfathers; Dr. Osei Kwame (Despite), Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong, and Dr. Fadda Dickson, in December last year, I was able to undergo a kidney transplant and I am glad to say I am well," she recounted.

The surgery was done on the 2nd December 2019 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital by a medical team drawn from the UK and that of Ghana. It was a successful one indeed.

"It still looks like a dream, but I have come to understand that is how you operate my God when we least expect you to surprise us big time. I am Blessed, to be surprised again," she added.

The ever-vivacious Ms Ashley was effusive in her praise to God. “I am really grateful for this, I feel much better, I can breathe well as compared to before.

“I urinate freely now; previously, I had my limits when it came to the amount of liquid I could take in a day but now, I can take enough. The truth is, I have my life back and it feels so beautiful, I have no fears of falling asleep now.”

Despite her positive outlook on life, Abigail Ashley still believes the battle has not ended yet. “I have a new kidney but it still needs to be taken care of so that I do not get infected. The battle is not yet over but we are grateful for life.”

Whiles expressing her gratitude to her sponsors, the healthy eating advocate revealed that her current off-screen status will extend to the end of the year.

“Honestly speaking, the process is a very expensive one and I owe it all to Dr. Osei Kwame (Despite), Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong and Dr. Fadda Dickson. I want to use this opportunity to thank them for their support, love, and care all these years, God bless and replenish them.”

“I’m still taking care of myself but while at home, I’m keeping busy with my YouTube show, Time with Abigail Ashley, and eating healthy until the dust settles. Again in this coronavirus era, I have to be very careful considering my condition so I won’t come back this year,” she stated.

Just as she put her diagnosis and treatment into her 2017 book, "Behind My Smiles", Abigail will on July 30, this year, launch a second book titled "The New Me", which will focus extensively on her new kidney, the process involved, her new life, identity of the magnanimous donors, and the role God played in all of it.

"The New Me" by Abigail N. M. Ashley is available on amazon the world largest online shop and also on
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Copies are also available at Peace FM, Abeka Junction, Achimota Shell Fuel Station, Hello FM - Kejetia Kumasi, Kingdom Bookshop - Kumasi Mall, and coming very close to you soon.


Please as you purchase and flip through the pages of my second book - everything seems like a dream to me but it is so real - remember, the Power of God is still at work. Everything captured in the book is real.

In chapter 10, are tips on how to protect one's kidneys; if for nothing at all, please keep that portion in mind, to protect your kidneys. For I do not want to imagine anyone of you experience what i went through. It is awful; you never stop fighting (for your life) once diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, not even after a transplant, what kind of disease is this?