Sale Of SSNIT Hotels: This Is A Create, Loot And Share Venture By NPP - Afaglo

Novihoho Afaglo, the Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited, Susatgad Boat Building And Fishing Industry, says the sale of Labadi Beach Hotel, La Palm Royal Beach, Elmina Beach Resorts, Trust Lodge Hotel and Busia Beach Resort paints a gloomy picture for the country.

He added that this deal, like the Agyapa deal and the PDS scandal, is clear evidence that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came to loot and share.

Afaglo indicated that since the NPP took office in 2016, it has been one questionable deal after the other and that not even a single deal entered into has the sole benefit of the State and the citizenry but rather to enrich themselves and their families.

“How can State assets be sold to a Cabinet Minister if the President and those around are not corrupt? What serious country will supervise this kind of deal if it does not mean well for its citizens?”, he asked.

He added that if it was not corruption and incompetence, "how would profitable State assets be sold and how can the government sell workers' properties without the permission and consent of workers?"

The CEO also added that what is more concerning is the fact that some of the State assets sold to private individuals are doing better in terms of performance, stressing records available indicate that Labadi Beach Hotel and Ridge Royal are more profitable than Rock City Hotel, the company seeking to buy these State assets and owned by Minister of Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong.

“Tell me if this one is not create, loot and share, what will you describe it? It is only an NPP government where millions of dollars and cedis can be found in a Borla Minister’s house. How much do you think would be hiding in the Finance Minister’s chamber?", Afaglo quizzed.

He added that it is because of the anger of the populace that the youth, civil society groups, progressive forces, organized Labour, members of Ga Mashie and the opposition parties, especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC), organized the "Hands Off Our Hotels" demo a few days ago.

According to the organizers, the sale of government properties to the Minister amounts to an abuse of power and it is corruption.