I Don’t Care If My Criticism Of Govt Benefits The NDC Or Any Political Party – Franklin Cudjoe

President of Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has told Ghanaians that he does not care if his actions benefit any political party.

He, however, wants the narrative that his actions contributed immensely to bringing the New Patriotic Party under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to power to be deleted.

Franklin Cudjoe, who expressed this position on social media, said all he has done and continues to do is drum home government misdeeds over the years; something he will continue to do regardless of the political party in power.

However, if his comments and continuous criticism of a particular government go to the benefit of another political party, he should not be blamed for that.

Read His Post Shared Via Social Media Below

Hello everyone. I want to ask some of you to stop peddling the false narrative that l deliberately promoted this government into power. It was the NDC’s misdeeds, which at the time was unmatched by any party since 1992 that got us all complaining. I do not care if my actions then benefitted the NPP electorally in 2016.

Just know though that as l did then, I will and have been doing same against current economic decadence, grand procurement-inspired theft, larceny, misgovernance, misrule, aggravated arrogance, fiscal recklessness culminating in the ugliest of financial haircuts, demeaning of the self-esteem of our pensioner senior citizens and shepherding almost a million people into hard-core poverty as never experienced since generations. And I do not care if all l do as well as those of my colleagues benefits the NDC and any political party.