Group Calls On PNC National Executive To Step Aside

A group known as Set the Ball Rolling 2020 Election within the People's National Convention (PNC) in the Upper East Region has called on the party's Council of Elders to prevail on the current National Executive Committee (NEC) members to step aside with immediate effect to make way for the formation of an interim executive committee to steer the affairs of the party.

The group intimated that the measure would ultimately ensure that the grass roots, constituency and regional elections for the forthcoming December polls were completed.

It would further afford the PNC the opportunity of fielding its candidates in some of the 275 constituencies in the country.

Addressing a press conference in Bolgatanga on Thursday, July 2, 2020, the Convener of the group, Mr Peter Gbanwaa, said the group would be compelled to seek redress in the court if its demands were not addressed within one week.  


Mr Gbanwaa observed that “our national executive members, since they were voted into power on December 15, 2015 and their tenure expired on December 14, 2019, the only legacy they left behind was disappointment".

He explained that the effect of non-performance by the national executive members was that “members of the PNC were left to paddle their own canoes and that is why we have lost confidence in them; we do not know who to contact when it comes to information sharing within the party, and so our status is lost".

Short period

“Honourable Council of Elders, we are calling on all the national executive members to step aside from this day, July 2, 2020 for the elders to put in place an interim executive committee to elect new executive across all structures of the party for the December general election,” Mr Gbanwaa stressed.                                                        

Voter registration

The group called on the rank and file of the party in the region to take the COVID-19 seriously by observing all the health protocols. It also entreated party members to go out in their numbers to register in the ongoing voters registration exercise.

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