Viral Tiktok Couple Arrested By Police

The Tema Community Police have arrested Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, a couple whose viral videos have been trending on social media in recent days.

The couple went viral sensation after various videos of them engaged in some questionable actions surfaced on the TikTok platform.

Among other things, Godpapa The Greatest, who was said to be a one-time pastor, and his wife were seen engaging in various acts, such as smoking, on social media.

In an interview with Kofi TV, the couple confessed to killing one of their two children because he was possessed by an evil spirit.

According to the mother of the children, Empress Lupita, her husband saw the future of the boy as a demon who would grow up to birth more demons and potentially destroy Ghana if he was allowed to live. Therefore, they believed it was necessary to sacrifice him to save the nation.

In another interview by Kofi TV, the surviving child, who managed to escape from his parents, confirmed that his brother, El Waa, was murdered by his mother and father.

The 8-year-old said his parents poisoned his brother through gari soakings, and when he "refused to die," he was buried alive by them.

The boy further made various allegations of maltreatment against his parents.

According to him, his mother and father would sometimes defecate inside a bucket and later blend it to prepare soup for them to eat with banku.

Based on the revelations made by the boy and the contents of the viral video, the Tema Community Two police have reportedly apprehended the couple.

Reports indicate that the couple will be assisting the police in their investigations into the matter.