Daniel Ofori Wins Against Ecobank In The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today (17th May 2023) dismissed an application by Ecobank for a review of its decision on 13th July 2021 not to allow for a re-opening of an appeal that Ecobank had earlier lost by a unanimous decision on 25th July 2018 against Daniel Ofori.

Chief Justice Anin -Yeboah announced the majority (4-3) decision of the court, indicating that Justices Dotse, Kotey and Mariama Owusu were the dissenting judges. The majority consisted of Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah, Justices Baffoe-Bonnie, Pwamang and Tanko. The Chief Justice further indicated that the full ruling would be made available on or before 23rd May 2023.

By virtue of this decision, the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court presided over by Justice Dotse, the other Justices being Anin-Yeboah (before he became Chief Justice), Baffoe-Bonnie, Appau and Pwamang, on 25th July 2018 in favour of Daniel Ofori stands and is not to be re-opened as Ecobank sought to do.

Ecobank was represented by Lawyer Kizito Beyuo while Daniel Ofori was represented by Lawyers Tsatsu Tsikata and Thaddeus Sory.