Immigration Officer Rescues Two Police Officers From Being Killed By a 'Mad' Man (PHOTOS)

A swift intervention by an Immigration Officer, AICOII Nuredeen Abdul Ganiyu, stationed at Western North Regional immigration Office, saved two police officers who would have met their death at the hands of a mentally retarded man in the Western North Regional Capital of Sefwi-Wiawso last Saturday, May 13, 2023.

The two Police Officers were reportedly subdued by the mentally retarded man who was said to have attacked worshippers from a Prayer Camp with a knife, catapult and pestle on the streets of Sefwi-Wiawso, the Regional Capital.

According to UTV News correspondent, Kwabena Dickson, the 'mad' man was chained at a Prayer Camp near Sefwi Ewiase, a small farming community near the regional capital.

But when he had the opportunity and broke free from the chains, he hit the streets and stabbed two persons.

The attack by the mentally retarded man, induced fear in the public.

The Police then recieved a distress call to come to their rescue, but upon reaching the scene, the two Police Officers were unsuccessful in their attempts to arrest him.

The mentally retarded man who was wielding a sharp knife, a catapult and a pestle locally call ' W)ma' upon seeing the plans of the police officers to get him arrested, angrily stated moved straight towards the officers and started attacking the two police officers.

Even though the officers were holding an AK 47 rifle but decided not to shoot due to the crowded nature of the scenario, and rather attempted to use their professional experience to effect the arrest.

In the process, the mentally retarded man violently attacked the Inspector first by hitting him with the Pestle leaving him unconscious on the ground.

Per UTV correspondent, Kwabena Dickson's investigation, the Immigration officer, AlCOIl Nurideen Abdul Ganiyu, who was returning home from official duties, chanced upon the scene at the Anglican Church park.

According to an eye witness account, the Immigration Officer noticed the unconcious state of the police Inspector and a Corporal under attack with AK-47 Rifle lying on the ground. The mentally retarded man then hit the Corporal on the head with the same Pestle; just like he did to the Inspector.

With both officers on the ground and onlookers scared to get closer to assist, the mentally retarded man made an attempt to pick the AK 47 rifle to cause more trouble.

Witnesses further recounted to UTV's Western North Regional Correspondent that the Immigration Officer, Mr Nuredeen acted quickly by picking the AK 47 Rifle before the 'mad' man could get to it.

The action of the Immigration Officer angered the 'mad' man and walked violently towards AICOII Nuredeen Abdul Ganiyu with the pestle.

But upon sensing danger, according to the onlookers, the Immigration Officer fired a warning shot but it did not scare the 'mad' man and kept moving towards the Immigration Officer trying to use the pestle to hit him.

But the Immigration Officer with his experience and proffesionalism exhibited extreme caution under attack because of the crowd of onlookers and managed to run backwards whiles the angry 'mad' man walked towards him. Having moved a couple of metres away from the crowd, he fired a shot at the right thigh of his attacker, disarming him in the process.

Witnesses described the scene as a typical action movie.

The items retrieveed from the attacker included the sharp knife he used to stab the two people, a locally manufactured catapult and the Pestle which he used to attack the two Police Officers.

The two Police Officers and the mentally retarded man were taken to the Sefwi-Wiawso government Hospital.

A formal report has been made and the Police AK-47 rifle handed over to the Sefwi Wiawso District police for further action.

Meanwhile, the police have started their investigations by extending invitation to the family of the mentally retarded man and the Head of the Prayer Camp near Sefwi Ewiase.