Buddhist Temple Left Without Monks After They All Test Positive For Drugs

A small Buddhist temple in Thailand has been left without monks after they all tested positive for methamphetamine.
The four religious leaders were exposed after the local council made them do a surprise drug test during an inspection on Monday, Nov. 28. 
Another four monks – spread across three other temples in the Phetchabun province – also showed traces of the same drug.
All eight of them were sent to Bueng Sam Phan Hospital, where they were enrolled in a rehabilitation programme.
Locals who usually use the temple are reportedly worried about how they will continue any worship practices. 
Bueng Sam Phan district council chief Sompong Thongnoonui assured everyone that an acting abbot will be put place so people can continue with their routines. 
The police are focused on searching for the person who sold the drugs to the temples.
They said they will continue to test monks.
Buddhists are supposed to denounce intoxication, along with killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and lying, as part of their path to enlightenment.
Thailand is currently struggling with a methamphetamine problem.