Kotoka International Airport Is 'Not For Sale' - Ghana Airports To Mahama

The Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) has reiterated its earlier explanation that the Kotoka International Airport is "not for sale or being privatised" as alleged by former President John Dramani Mahama.

Rather, the Ghana Airports Company Limited says "an unsolicited proposal has been received from a Turkish Consortium which is yet to be considered. It is rather unfortunate that certain figures from the proposal are being used to peddle untruths," the GACL said in a statement in reaction a claim made by former President John Dramani Mahama in a television interview with Woezor.

Mr Mahama during the television interview at the weekend argued that giving 66 percent shares of the Kotoka Airport to private firm was wrong.

He said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was against attempts by the government to hand over 66 percent share of the Airport to TAM-SUMMA Consortium, a Turkish company.

According to him, such moves by the government are wrong and must be stopped.

The former President said while the NDC administration was in power, its valuation report showed that the airport was valued at about GH¢5 billion and so it is strange that the government intends to cede 66 percent of its control of the airport to the private company in exchange for $70 million.

“When we were in office, a valuation study of the Kotoka Airport was done and it was valued at over GH¢ 5 billion. It also had an insured value in the region of GH¢3 to GH¢4 billion because a lot of money had been invested in the airport and it had become one of the five best airports in Africa.”

“[Now we are seeing] a strange development where a Turkish company is being given the airport; to take over the airport and run it. For $70 million we are giving 66% of the airport to a Turkish company. We are against it. It is wrong,” John Mahama said.