Reducing Four Years University Education Duration To Three Years Is A Solution To No Problem- Educationist

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, Proprietor of Excellence Remedial Institute, has indicated that the Ministry of Education is busily solving a problem that does not exist because they have refused to learn and listen to the cries of the average Ghanaian student/graduate.

According to Counsellor Fenyi there is an obvious missing link between the MoE and the real challenges on the ground.

He explained that "reasonable" national policies are ultimately meant to address either of the following;
1. Solve an existing problem
2. Improve on an existing system

However, he does not see the problem a 3-year university duration will solve or the system it will improve upon.

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi reiterated that the real challenge that faces the Ghanaian student/graduate is unemployment and not the duration of obtaining the certificate.

He therefore mentioned that education in Ghana must focus on the technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills that will enable fresh graduates to go into business instead of solely relying on the government for their daily bread.