Inflation Up Again...

The August inflation has reached 33.9 percent. This is a 2.2 percent increase in the July figure of 31.7 percent.

Announcing the latest inflation on Wednesday, September 14, Government Statistician Professor Samuel Annim observed that six items recorded inflations higher than the national average.

“This was led by Housing, Water, Electricity and Gas having the highest rates of inflation of 46.7 percent, followed closely by Transport 45.7 percent and up to Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages being the sixth item that recorded rate of inflation higher than the national average of 33.9 percent.”

Imported Items recorded a higher rate than local products.

According to Prof. Annim, this is the first time in the year that the lowest month-on-month rate of 1.9 percent was recorded.

The Eastern Region recorded the highest regional rate of 41 percent while the Upper East Region recorded the lowest rate of 22.8 percent.