GIPA Awards '21: B5 Plus Limited Is Outstanding Steel Manufacturing Company

Ghanaian- based steel manufacturing company, B5 Plus Limited has been adjudged as the Outstanding Steel Manufacturing company of the year at this year’s Ghana international Products Awards (GIPA).

This year’s event was held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on June 25, with the theme ” Recognizing Products and Companies meeting high Costumer Preference.

The Ghana International Products Awards (GIPA) guides consumers to the best products and rewards manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, importers, and exporters for their commitment to excellence and quality.

The event was organised by KN Unique Communications, corporate events, brand management, and publishing company.

The gala evening convened hundreds of the key players and some household names in the manufacturing and distribution industry who also took the opportunity to network and exhibit their various products.

The event was all pomp and circumstance and characterized by comedy and music performances by some industry players in the entertainment sector.

Speaking to the media after picking the award, the CEO of B5 Plus Limited, Mr. Mukesh Thakwani said, ” I will like to say thank you to all the workers of B5 Plus Limited and myself as CEO, as I always say that once we receive the awards, it is going to keep us in our toes, making sure that we keep doing our best.”

”We will make sure we keep up the standard high in producing the best product in terms of steel for the people of Ghana and for other countries..”

Mr. Thakwani pleaded with the government of Ghana to place a ban on the importation of fabrications into the country, “so that B5 Plus Limited can also create more jobs where people will patronize made-in Ghana products from their company..”

Mr Thakwani added that his company is doing everything possible to create more jobs for the Ghanaian youth to be able to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country.

On his expectations for the coming years, he said his company will keep producing good products and also asked the government of Ghana to look at the Electricity issues in the country so as to foster high productivity.

B5 Plus Ghana Company Ltd is West African, manufacturing, fabricating, and trading enterprise with the vision to become the world’s steel industry benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach, and overall conduct.

With corporate headquarters in Tema Ghana, today, B5 Plus Limited operate in all the ECOWAS Countries, with a significant presence in African steel as an integrated manufacturer of steel and finished steel products.

The principal product is steel products which come in seven major categories: Mild Steel, High Tensile & Iron Rods, Galvanized Products, Stainless Steel, Marine & Mining, Roofing & Nails and Concrete & Fencing.

As a supplier, B5 Plus Limited is an accessible business partner who can ensure quality and security of supply, and value strong relationships with their customers and believe that commercial relationships are a learnt skill.