We Are Prepared To Have An Honest Discussion Not Tainted With Mischief – Sammi Awuku To NDC

The National Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku has stated emphatically that the ruling NPP is ever ready to hold an honest discussion without tainted with mischief with the opposition National Democratic Congress on the disbandment of vigilantism menace in the country.

According to him, NDC is not helping to end vigilantism menace in the country as the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on three occasions threatened to walk out of the meeting with different excuses.

“I think what the NDC is doing is not right because vigilantism is a national issues which needs to be solved once and for all,” he mentioned.

Speaking to Kwami Sefa Kayi in a panel discussion on Peace FM's flagship 'Kokrokoo' programme, he reiterated that "the NPP and NDC must passionately have a legitimate debate that will gear towards finding lasting solution to vigilantism problem in the country without playing politics with it".

Sammi Awuku however recounted very shocking revelation where the NDC Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo after resuming from break, took his file and left with the excuse that he is unable to continue with the meeting as the CID has invited him to the Police headquarters, in spite of Archbishop Duncan Williams' advise to inform the CID about the ongoing meeting.

“On the day of discussion something funny happened at the meeting which shocked the whole house . . . after we resume from break, NDC Chairman took his file and when we asked where he was going, he said that 'Honorable Chairman we are unable to continue with the meeting because the CID has invited me to the Police headquarters and we want to respect the law . . . then Archbishop Duncan Williams retorted that they inform the CID about the ongoing meeting which is equally important, but they said NO . . . once they have been summoned they have to obey the law'," he recounted.

He wondered why the NDC could not give same excuse for their meeting to continue after revealing that they could not honour the invitation of the CID a day before their meeting to discuss the road map to ending vigilantism in the country.

"We asked them whether they were called to the CID office the day we were having the meeting and they responded ‘NO’, saying the CID invited them on a day before, but because of something they couldn’t honor the invitation . . . so my question is, why did they come up with convenient excuse for the CID, but today that we have a critical issue to dialogue they can’t do same for the sake of Ghanaians,” he wondered.

Mr. Awuku said he was taken aback to here the opposition NDC speaking to the media rather complaining about the posture of the ruling NPP during the dialogue as if it is the hindrance to the forward march to finding lasting solution to vigilantism in the country. 

Mr. Awuku again recounted on the incident that happened in Atiwa and Talensi saying "if it was handled appropriately just like what President Nana is doing, then we wouldn’t have gotten here but he was quick to condemn the Ayawaso West Wuguon violence".

He therefore appealed to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to help find lasting solution to the vigilantism menace as nothing good will come out of the talk show they are doing with the meeting; urging both parties to walk their talks on the matter.