Mugabe ‘Grilled’ Again

After going through grilling for close to two hours by police investigators on Tuesday afternoon before his release, the Radio XYZ broadcaster, Salifu Maase, aka Mugabe, has reported again to the police for further deliberations and instructions.

Mugabe was invited by the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo Danquah, after claiming that the ruling NPP will kill investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni of Multimedia Group within 11 months.

In the company of his counsel, George Loh, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) broadcaster reported to the CID around 9am.

He left the CID headquarters in less than an hour after meeting the investigating team.

His counsel, George Loh, upon his release Tuesday evening, told journalists that his client was instructed to report back to the police the following day for further interrogation after engaging officials of the CID.

After the interaction, Mugabe, who was also a member of the infamous Montie 3, was given the opportunity to write his statement after which he was cautioned.

“He was asked to report on Wednesday to the investigating team for further instructions,” the source narrated.

Mugabe, a radio presenter who made unenviable headlines when he was jailed for his harsh and threatening language on the now retired Chief Justice and some judges, reported to the CID headquarters on Tuesday after the law enforcement agency invited him.

Apart from the Manasseh issue, Mugabe sounded on the Radio XYZ programme, which he hosts, like somebody who knew something about the seeming intractable killers of Ahmed Hussein Suale, a private investigator who worked for popular journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI firm.

Having ‘lay’ low for a long time after his  truncated jail term at Nsawam Prisons following his release based on former President John Mahama’s pardon, he was at it again last week when he returned to his scathing and largely vitriolic comments.

He had claimed he was possessed by the ‘Holy Spirit’ and was not speaking as ‘Mugabe.”

“The fake ones (prophets) can come out and say whatever they like but I’m speaking in the spiritual realm. Manasseh Awuni, I am speaking to your parents and I’m not speaking as Mugabe but the Holy Spirit is using me,” he claimed.

“I speak without fear; NPP will kill Manasseh Azure in 11 months” he predicted.

Discredited Documentary

The NPP, he said, would resort to this option because of his documentary about the training of a so-called ‘militia’ at the Osu Castle in Accra.

The allegation has since been debunked by the government.

“If the security agencies do not protect him they will finish him; they will get rid of him. I speak without fear or favour; this is a gift God has given to me.”

He added “I’m repeating, if the security agencies do not protect him, the NPP will kill him just as they did to Ahmed Hussein Suale. The truth is one and as for me, they can’t touch me and if you try me, you will die first,” he said confidently.

He vented his spleen at COP Yaa Tiwa Addo Danquah and the IGP David Asante-Apeatu for inviting the NDC National Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo, saying “from the CID to the police service, they are all useless; fake people. CID boss, Tiwa Addo, is a useless person.”